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What is Mabel's Playroom?

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Choose one of our subscriptions and gain instant access to hundreds of simple, inexpensive and educational play ideas for baby, toddler and beyond, unlimited downloads to our open ended, play-based learning printables and exclusive access to our blog where we talk all things gentle parenting, philosophies, play hacks, tips, toys and more


Each activity has a clear focus of the development benefits as well as different ways to play to be inline with your child's age and interests, new play ideas and activity sheets are added every single week so theirs always something new and exciting to try out!

Our aim is to guide you in building a strong connection and bond with your child during their early years whilst encouraging young children's natural needs to explore, be independent, creative and engage in new experiences to build all of those brain connections! However, our learning isn't just for children, grab a cuppa and take a read of our informative blog posts where you'll learn how to parent peacefully and the factors behind toddlers behaviour traits + so much more!


Learn how to

Create a purposeful, meaningful play space for your child

Have a space that is simple, functional and promotes learning and development

Set up activities you can do and toys you can provide to support each play pattern

Learn about the types of toys you need and don't need

Learn about the importance of play and how it supports early development

Do I need tons of different resources to get started?


Loved by children & parents all around the globe

Babies and toddlers discover the world through their senses, messy play allows children to delve into those senses and develop core foundational skills during their early years. Enjoy our easy set up, engaging messy activities with your little ones.


Dozens of fine motor play ideas to develop and strengthen those little finger and hand muscles ready for future everyday tasks like holding a pencil, writing, buttoning buttons and tying shoe laces.


Our DIY and reusable activities are easy set up, inexpensive and mostly using natural resources. Parents are able to leave them out for babies and toddlers to discover independently.


Sensory play builds nerve connections in the brain's pathways, which leads to children being able to complete more complex learning tasks. It supports a variety of key development skills. We have tons of sensory activities to be enjoyed with your baby.


As well as the many physical benefits spending time outdoors has for children, there are also numerous health benefits to playing outside. Spending time outdoors contributes to children's overall wellbeing, social skills, independence and being able to explore. Our outdoor play fosters children's natural excitement with the outdoors.


Fun and simple science experiments for children using everyday items as well as DIY games and crafts for 4-11 year olds.