Frequently Asked Questions

What does the subscription include?

Our monthly or yearly membership gives you full access to our playroom, which has hundreds of baby, toddler and beyond simple, fun and engaging play ideas for you to re-create at home with your children, with new activities added every single week. We are proud to have created a place where all play ideas, activites and crafts will eventually be, in one easily accessible place. We want to save parents from falling down rabbit holes mindlessly searching for things to do with their little ones, in-turn we reduce your own screen time. All of our play ideas are educational and help benefit your young child's development in many ways. Each play concentrates on a certain aspect of development with a breakdown of the benefits written on each activity as well as play variations to suit your child's age or interests. You will also gain full access to our playroom printables which are fun play-based learning activity sheets, with new activity sheets added every month for you to easily download as many times as you like and print at home! You will have exclusive access to our gentle parenting blog where we talk all things parenting, play hacks, tips and tricks, toys, montessori and other parenting methods and much more! We have tons of resources and aim to teach you how to find the right toys to encourage more meaningful, independant play for your children.

Am I tied into a contract?

No, our monthly subscription is a cancel at anytime membership. Our yearly subscription is a one-off payment. We know circumstances change, you are welcome to re-join or cancel at anytime.

How often is new play added to the website?

New play is added every single week! At a minimum of 3 times a week so you will always have something new, fun and exciting to do with your little ones. We always inform of new play added on our instagram page @mabelsplayroom but if you don't keep up with our instagram, you can log in to our website with your own personal account and check back at anytime. We add new playroom printables and blog posts every month.

What age can I start this kind of play with my baby?

You can start sensory play with your baby from as early as newborn or a few weeks old if you like, but remember young babies only need their caregivers, cuddles, feeds and to look at your face and the environment they are in, anything extra is still super fun! We have shared some insightful posts on our instagram page @mabelsplayroom about simple ways you can play with your newborn. We have a baby sensory section that you can begin from a few weeks old but I would recommend joining our playroom when your baby is around 4 months old, your baby will then be able to grow with our website.

I have forgotton my password, what do I do?

If you have forgotten your password, you can easily change it by following these steps: 1. Click log in 2. Log in with email 3. Click 'Forgot password?' 4. Enter your email You will then recieve an email from us that will give you a link to change your password.

What if my little one doesn't like messy play?

Messy play can sometimes be overwhelming if you are just starting out, if it's something you would like to do with your little one you can begin from around 6 months old. Ideally, we want to encourage lots of sensory experiences for young children from 12 months throughout their early years. If you have tried a messy play and your little one wasn't keen - don't worry! Pack it away and you can always try again at a later date or when they are a little older. If you decide to try again they may get stuck in straight away! You can ease your little one in by starting with water play, adding their favourite toys to encourage them to touch and explore it and adding small amounts of 'mess' at a time, or adding spoons to save them touching textures straight away. It's also good to add instant relief with a bowl of bubbles or water and a dry towel for your child to instantly wash their hands if they wish. You can also try it in their highchair with small amounts to begin with. If you are unnaware of the benefits of messy play for your baby, we have shared some very insightful posts on the amazing short and long term benefits on our instagram page @mabelsplayroom.

Messy play isn't for me, what else is there on the playroom?

If messy play isn't for you, we have tons of other activities which involve NO mess! We have 5 minute set ups, re-useable activities, brain games and much more on our playroom, we also have seasonal play pages as we like to make celebrating the holidays as fun, special and memorable as possible!

How do I contact you?

You can contact us at anytime by clicking the 'contact us' button at the bottom of our website or emailing us at All emails are replied to within 24 hours except from sunday's and bank holidays, they will then be replied to on the following working day.

Is there something for everyone?

Yes! At Mabel's Playroom we will always strive to include everyone! We know that each little person is so different and that's what makes them special! We like to cater our play ideas and printables to suit your little ones personality which is why each play has written variations to suit it to your child's interests, if there is something you would like us to include or add to our playroom please don't hesitate to contact us! We love to hear from you.

Are the playroom printables included in the monthly and yearly cost?

Yes! Our playroom printables are included in our monthly and yearly membership.

Do I need to purchase lots of different resources to do these activities with my child?

No, at Mabel's Playroom we encourage the use of recycled and reusable materials in the majority of our activities. We use mostly natural resources that can be readily found in the home which is very cost-effective. In our store we have listed mostly low cost materials and products we have in our craft box in our playroom, which we advise for playroom members to purchase. All of these items can be reused many times in play and will last in your craft box for years and years.

Is Mabel's Playroom worth joining if my little one goes to nursery?

Mabel's Playroom is a brilliant addition to nursery. Whilst we cannot provide the social benefits of a nursery environment, we are a great opportunity for you to bond with your child in your child's safe place and provide the quality time needed for your child to thrive throughout their early years. We provide you with endless opportunities for children to be creative whilst providing the perfect environment for children to learn and play in daily.

When will I be billed?

You will be billed on the day you sign up to our monthly plan and then on the same day every month subsequently.